Help Us Celebrate Our 250th Anniversary

The Fort Pitt Block House celebrates its 250th anniversary this year, 2014. As owners and stewards of Pittsburgh’s oldest authenticated structure, the Fort Pitt Society have planned a year-long, city-wide celebration for the Block House in recognition of this significant milestone.

Many activities and events will be held throughout 2014 to highlight the significance of the Block House in early Pittsburgh and American history and to celebrate the remarkable women who have worked tirelessly for more than 100 years to preserve and protect this historical treasure. For more information on Block House 250 and upcoming events, click here.

How can you get involved?

Plan Your Next Class Field Trip Today!

Every year the Fort Pitt Block House makes history come alive for thousands of local school children. Educational tours can be conducted for school groups ranging from second grade to graduate school. Students learn how the Block House was originally used as a defensive redoubt by standing on a reconstructed firing step and taking aim through the building’s gun loops. Guided tours of the site are tailored to the audience and offered by expert staff and knowledgeable volunteers. Small yet fact-filled exhibits are featured throughout the building, adding to the experience and taking visitors back in time in this one-of-a-kind historical landmark.

To schedule a tour or for more information, please call (412) 471-1764 or send an email by using the Contact Us page on this website. Hours of operation and directions to the Block House can be found here.

Other nearby attractions include the Fort Pitt Museum and Point State Park. Tours of the Block House can easily be arranged to include tours of the museum and/or the park. Ask about these options when scheduling your field trip today!

The Fort Pitt Society Receives Jefferson Award

The Fort Pitt Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, an all-female volunteer organization that owns and operates the Fort Pitt Block House, was recently honored as one of 47 local recipients of the Jefferson Awards at a reception held on May 6, 2014, at Heinz Field.  Each recipient received a two-inch bronze Jefferson Award medallion, commissioned by the Franklin Mint.

Sponsored locally by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Highmark, and BNY Mellon,  The Jefferson Awards were originally started by former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Senator Robert Taft Jr., and Sam Beard in 1972 as a “Nobel Prize” for public and community service, honoring those Americans who perform outstanding public service and inspire others to follow their example.

The members of the Fort Pitt Society have protected, preserved, and promoted the Fort Pitt Block House since 1894.  It is through their efforts that an important piece of Pittsburgh history still stands today, enabling future generations to know and appreciate our region’s role in American history.  Congratulations to the Fort Pitt Society, 2013 winner of the Jefferson Awards!