The Fort Pitt Block House is the only remaining part of Fort Pitt left in the city of Pittsburgh, making it over 250 years old.

Built in 1764 the building was first used to defend the fort from Native American Indian attacks during the mid-18th century. After the British abandoned Fort Pitt in 1772, the Block House was used as a trading post for a number of years.

Eventually, the Block House  came to be used as testament housing. The families living in the Block House saved it from being torn down to have the bricks and wood used to build what would become modern day Pittsburgh. As this is what would happen to Fort Pitt, the area around the the three rivers started to rapidly grow and the decommissioned fort was torn down to use for the plethora of building materials it was composed of.

From 1764 the Fort Pitt Block House has seen and survived as much as the city from great flood, to parts of the city being burned, to rapid industrialization from coal and steel, and having to continue to survive and adapt in ever times.

Please come and visit the Fort Pitt Block House and experience the history that it has to share.